House cleaning

 We aim to make residential buildings and the spaces around them some more pleasant and welcoming places to live. One of the biggest advantages is that caring for your building increases its value. By entering work standards and control aimed at improving the qualifications of its employees and improving the efficiency of the services we offer proven quality at a decent price.
Select the most advantageous for your service package! Save time giving us care for your input.


Package "STANDARD"
Initial cleaning (by choice or necessity);
Visits every week in a fixed day includes:
-Izmitane Of stairs, landings and lift.
-Izmitane Of pre-entrance area.
-Obirane Of cobwebs.
-Zabarsvane Railing and horizontals.
-Remove Promotional materials.
-Izmivane The entrance and elevators suitable for surface preparation.
The aromatic.
-Izhvarlyane Advertising waste baskets in the lobby.
* Windows at the entrance Wash spring and autumn

Prices – from 40 leva per month.

Package "EXTRA"
It includes everything you need for cleaning and maintenance of your building.

Cleanings after construction (by arrangement).
Last updated standard 50 lev
Subscription cleaning:
Visitations to 1 or 2 times a week.
-Izmitane Of stairs, landings and elevator / s.
Maintaining external parts (alleys, walkways, garages, etc.).
-Cleaning  of cobwebs
-Dust cleaning  from the railing and residential doors.
-Polishing the  Elevator and elevator doors (Inox)
-Cleaning  all mirrors and glass surfaces.
-cleaning Mailboxes, removing chewing gum.
Services that are once a year.
-cleaning And maintaining gazebos, barbecues, summer kitchens and more.

* Wash windows every time you need

Prices - from 60.00 lev

* EXCLUSIVE * at the request of the buildings  with 4-8 inputs offer preferential rates and additional services for maintenance of parks, playgrounds, trails and more.
Questions and inquiries:
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