Office cleaning

We "Super Clean Varna" Ltd. offer service primary and subscription cleaning of your office:
Thorough cleaning includes:
• Wash all windows
• Main cleaning of bathroom
• de-dusting and polishing desks and furniture
• Vacuum and wash the floor or occasionally cleaning machine
The price for the basic cleaning can be crushed and added to the cost of cleaning maintenance for the duration of your contract.
Subscription cleaning:
It includes a visit by a mobile team in the most convenient time for you before or after the workday.
• dedusting of all available equipment including monitors and keyboards
• Cleaning the bathroom (taps, sinks, toilets, etc. As the only walls will be washed once a month)
• Disposal of household waste bins and replace with new bags for garbage
• Cleaning  cobwebs, vacuuming and washing microfiber mop
• Washing the windows of the office when needed
Bids for cleaning of office starting at 25 lev for visiting!
Transportation and supplies are at our expense.
Questions about inspections:
GSM: 0877 807 008 и 0884 039 609